MTW’s letter of support for California’s AB 364

Dear Governor Newsom,  On behalf of Migration that Works, we write to urge you to sign AB 364 (Rodriguez). Since our founding in 2011, Migration that Works (formerly known as the “International Labor Recruitment Working Group” or “ILRWG” for short) has documented widespread abuse and systemic flaws in recruitment for U.S. work visa programs, includingContinue reading “MTW’s letter of support for California’s AB 364”

Letter of Opposition to Harmful H-2 Appropriation Riders

We fear that the appropriations process will once again be used to thedetriment of workers, whose risks have only intensified during the Covid-19 pandemic. In this letter, we strongly urge members of Congress to oppose any and all appropriation riders that will increase exploitation and further undermine fundamental rights for migrant workers and workers inContinue reading “Letter of Opposition to Harmful H-2 Appropriation Riders”