About Migration that Works

Migration that Works is a coalition of labor, migration, civil rights, anti-trafficking organizations and academics advancing a labor migration model that respects the human rights of workers, families and communities and reflects their voices and experiences. Founded in 2011 as the International Labor Recruitment Working Group (ILRWG), Migration that Works is the first coordinated effort to strategically address worker rights abuses across industries and visa categories.

As a community of experts, we advocate for migration that works:

  • for workers, communities, women and families. 
  • Throughout workers’ journey — during recruitment, at their workplace and when accessing justice.
  • Towards justice, equity, freedom, transparency, human rights, shared prosperity and worker power.

Our Vision

We envision a value-based model for labor migration that prioritizes the human rights of workers and their families, elevating labor standards for all workers. Through advocacy, organizing, and case work, we seek to build a future in which workers have control over the labor migration process, access to justice and a pathway to citizenship. This approach would correct current power imbalances between migrant workers and their employers, ensuring dignity, safety and justice for all internationally recruited workers. 

Our Guiding Principles for Just and Equitable Future of Guestwork

  • Freedom of Movement
  • Freedom from Economic Coercion
  • Self-Determination and Secure Employment
  • Migration as a Family
  • Equal Labor Protections
  • Organize
  • Non-Discrimination
  • Whistleblower Protections, Personal Security, and Freedom from Intimidation
  • Access to Justice
  • Access to Benefits and Services
  • Data Transparency
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